Some years back, companies focused more on their general corporate brand reputation and value proposition to customers to increase their fortunes. Today, there is a significant shift. Companies are now focusing more on their reputation as employers and value proposition to their employees. This is evident from top brands like Facebook and Google that attracted the best talent in the world due to their appealing employer brand and are now reaping big time. Companies are now following this path by working to attract the best talent to supercharge their fortunes. However, attracting the best talent isn’t a walk in the park. The best talents want to join the best brands; to add to that, the modern day savvy customer wants to see the face of your company, and also hear about the inside happenings. This is why companies are using every available strategy to make their brand appealing. So how can you use social media to enhance your employer brand?

  • Work hand in hand with your marketing department to enhance your Employer Branding Strategy

By now, your marketing department has made significant steps to enhance your company brand and social media presence. Introduce them to your company’s social media brand enhancement strategy to help you realize your recruitment goals.

  • Concentrated on visual narrative to optimize your brand’s merchandising efforts

The modern day candidates are savvy enough and will want to hear beyond your employer brand. They want to visualize it for real. Concentrate on narrating your employer brand through videos and images. Present photos of company events and top it all off with scintillating videos of current employees explaining why they like it in your organization. Visuals work best on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Leverage the power of your current employees to supercharge your employer branding strategy

When trying to enhance your employer brand, nothing is as authentic as employees speaking about your company’s reputation. Encourage your employees to share the good things they’ve experienced about your company on social media. They may post photos of events, share videos of your company and other things that can enhance your employer brand.

  • Keep tabs on review websites to ensure the reviews correspond with those in your employer branding strategy campaigns

The internet is littered with review sites that allow candidates and employees to give honest reviews about any company anonymously. These reviews can make or break your employer brand. Keep tabs on such review sites to ensure that what they say about your company is in line with your employer brand enhancement strategies.


Your employer brand impacts your building business efforts and enables it to be more attractive to candidates than competing companies. Leveraging the power of social media to enhance your employer brand gives your company a head start when looking to attract the best talents in the entrepreneurship world.