Rebranding is without a doubt one of the most challenging branding strategies! Read this article and discover when a rebrand is a reasonable choice!

For all those who are involved in the business world know that rebranding is one of the most challenging branding strategies that can be pulled off in a successful way. There are many businesses and brands that tried and many of them failed. So, in order to help marketers understand when a rebrand is a reasonable choice, here are helpful information you need to know about rebranding!

  • Rebrands Create Opportunities Rebranding strategies are usually driven by a specific need to capitalize on a new positioning, reignite sluggish performance, or celebrate the arrival of a post-M&A brand. The focus of these rebranding initiatives and strategies is external and because of that, the marketers look to rebrand for a better impact on prospects, customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • A Rebrand is not the same as Repositioning You should keep in mind that a rebrand is not the same as repositioning and you can’t allow yourself to confuse these two different terms. Repositioning happens when businesses and brands want to fit a new time or era when entering, through a new jingle or a logo upgrade. Repositioning means the same products or services are issued in new improved packaging, new designs, and new formats.
  • Rebrands Are Radical A rebranding strategy marks the end of the brand and the business as it was. It is usually used when you want to disassociate your brand and your business from its present reputation. Again, you should not confuse it with a brand positioning when you make a brand refresh or you adjust your current brand code to look for new business opportunities.
  • Rebrands are formed from The Inside Out Appearances are meaningless unless they are a reflection of what is behind their look – an expanded strategy. A new mission, a change in a corporate ownership, and etc. Rebranding does not include changing your colors or the design of your logo. Graphics, for example, are one part of what makes one brand authentic and meaningful to its consumers. They should be a representation of what has happened and not the sum of all that has already happened.

We hope these information will help you decide if rebranding your business is the right thing to do at this moment!

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