Online businesses have become the best way to sell products today. The convenience of the online market place means one does not need use fuel to reach the store’s location or be physically present to shop for your favorite things. Commodities have also been revolutionized by the advent of online businesses.

For example, traditionally food has always been associated with brick and mortar structures. It is a sit-down and order affair for most food oriented establishments. However, you can now order for your favorite meal or beverage from the comfort of your home.

But how does one capitalize on the versatility of an online store? Consider an online juice bar for your community and the process required to get it running. Would your online juice enterprise be more successful compared to a brick and mortar version of the same?

With online businesses the possibilities of success are endless because of


1) Online visibility

All demographics in your community searching for your product can find you easily even without necessarily knowing your company existed if you have an authoritative online presence. This is especially made possible by search engines optimization (SEO).

2). Increased chances of customer service success

Online stores have the option of engaging the customer for longer once they are on their site. The option of chats, blogs or social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and the others allow you to engage deeply with clients and win them over.

It is imperative that when they order for the first time, you blow them away with your customer care to build a long lasting relationship. Should they like your juice and the service, you can be sure of referrals.

3). Ease of engaging and equipping your customer with information

With Google doing the hard work for you in finding new customers in your area when people search for your juice bar, you must be equipped with substantive information about your product to get people coming back to your store.

For example, instead of just describing the juice, go further and make pairing suggestions that would suit different cuisines, talk about the health benefits or other cooking avenues they can explore with the fruit like baking. Once again it is easier to engage them in their areas of interest using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

These platforms can also help you respond to feedback as well as resolve any complaints quickly and efficiently.

You can periodically (weekly or monthly) send an E-mail news letter that has relevant content on healthy living and eating as well as communicate occasional promotions of buying one get one free and so forth. You can also post mouth watering new recipes and additions to your juice menu.

It also helps with your customer engagement if your store stands or supports a cause that is close to the heart of your community and you keep them updated periodically through your Email news letter, blog or social media platforms.

The cause you support might be geared towards eco-friendly packaging that your store uses or the fight against obesity that your store stands with. These are very effective in psychological customer engagements that win you customers who will not only be loyal to your product but recommend it as well

4) Convenience of service

Online stores have simply changed the game of selling. On your way from work, you can order and pay for your favorite organic fruit juice from the local juice bar using your smart phone, arrive home in half an hour to find your delivery has preceded you. This is a new reality.

The versatility of an online business is remarkable.  The strategies employed in e-commerce are applicable on any product or service as long as you identify a need and work to fill the void. In fact, the limiting factor concerning ideas for online businesses is you and I.